The process applied to find a befitting car loan needs to be very simple and user friendly.
Following is a detail of components used to calculate car loan payments and is a key to give a gist of how to avail a car loan.


This comprises of entire cost of the vehicle including any additional charge levied by lender while authorizing a loan or fees for any options or subsequent add-ons chosen


This refers to the duration for which payments are made by the person availing the loan. Typically duration of term lies anywhere between 30 months to 72 months based on the agreement established. However there is still a possibility of shortening or extending the payment duration.

Interest Rates

This refers to the percentage charged by the lender on the amount of money borrowed. The rates vary depending on the vehicle for which loan is availed and the risk factor perceived by lender.

Things Desired From Customer

Connect With a Dealer

Quickly complete our online application, we will evaluate the application and provide necessary assistance and connect you with local dealership in your area that offers attractive financing options for eligible drivers with all credit scores.


Alberta Drives ensures that you are able to obtain the vehicle financing regardless of your monetary condition and credit history. There are a large number of dealer partnerships available enabling us to help you avail the most attractive vehicle loan offer based on your needs.

Step 1

Preparing For Your Car Loan

The foremost step is to choose a vehicle type indicating the type of vehicle that needs to be financed. We will help locate the vehicle across available dealer inventories and create a monthly payment plan based on the loan you wish to avail. Car Loan Calculator can also be used to determine the payment plan.

Step 2

Application Preparation

We have provided a simple Vehicle Loan Application form online. You just need to fill basic details that will help the experts determine the vehicle that will fit within your budget, monetary condition and credit score. While assessing the information experts may contact you directly to collect additional desirable information for application processing and helping choose the vehicle meeting your financial conditions and personal needs eventually enabling you to move forward.

Step 3

Finding A Dealer Of Perfect Match

Post application assessment we are in a position to identify a suitable certified dealer partner that will not only provide the vehicle of your choice but also help in providing loan at attractive rates for vehicle purchase. Monthly payment plan and related options will also be provided. Post matching your application with a partner, the dealer who is most suited to meet your expectations will contact you for an agreement. Alberta Drives ensures bad credit is not a show stopper in your specific financing needs. We are committed to offer most simple approach to help you avail loan.

Contact Alberta Drives

Feel free to reach us for any additional assistance required to avail loan. Fill out our contact us form or call us on toll free number and our specialists will help you resolve all your queries. You will not forget the live customer support offered and the advice shared by our experts.